The New Clearing House for the Digital Age

As an independent central counterparty, ClearToken will establish trusted risk management infrastructure in digital markets.

ClearToken will:

equip digital markets with critical and trusted risk management infrastructure
enable widespread institutional adoption of digital assets
empower competitive, secure and efficient markets for major digital asset classes
enable successful trading and settlement of digital asset transactions 24/7

Digital Assets are Missing Essential Market Structure

No CCPs have emerged for Digital Assets. Most transactions in Digital Assets take place without any means for cash and assets to be delivered simultaneously and risk is associated with every individual transaction.

Institutions’ participation in Digital Asset markets are inhibited by prudential rules and by being subject to conduct rules and other restrictions to which their CeFi & DeFi competitors are not. This will only change if there are mechanisms to solve for risk management and guaranteed settlement of assets.

For institutional investors to gain confidence in the new asset class, collateral management, counterparty and settlement risks issues must be resolved.

ClearToken Will Provide a Critical Missing Piece

CCPs have enabled significant growth of markets by facilitating trading, providing the means for financing, collateral management, ensuring delivery of assets. This is a model that is sustainable and required in Digital Assets.

CCPs mutualize risk across market participants and provide a means for cash, assets and derivative obligations to change hands simultaneously, guaranteeing settlement for both parties.

ClearToken will provide a solution to the one of the biggest challenges to the institutional uptake of digital asset trading.

ClearToken in the Media

Join us on The Startup Sensations Podcast as we dive deep into the world of Digital Assets, Cryptocurrencies, Tokenisation, and the Distributed Ledger with the exceptional Niki Beattie, a leading expert in financial market infrastructure and Chair of ClearToken.

Finery Markets, a leading liquidity and institutional crypto trading infrastructure provider, is proud to announce its participation in ClearToken’s proof of concept (PoC) project. ClearToken, an ambitious initiative to establish a global clearing house for the digital asset age, collaborated with over 60 industry stakeholders from digital assets and traditional finance to demonstrate the viability of centralized clearing for cryptocurrencies sourced from multiple platforms.

ClearToken has issued a press release to announce the successful completion of the Proof of Concept, its first phase towards delivering a CCP for digital assets to the financial market.